Subject: Hot on Zach's heels...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 22:54:00 UTC

Cassie and Nat arrived about a second later. They heard Marcus' little speech and hauled the younger man upright very quickly. Nat pulled him a little distance away, while Cassie helped Marcus upright, though she nearly tripped and her face got uncomfortably close to his for a moment, making her blush furiously.

Kelvin, who had spotted the problem, excused himself hurriedly and came hurrying over. "Can I help at all?"

Cassie nodded. "Maybe get another drink for him? Zach seems to have spilled the last one." Kelvin nodded and zipped off, returning moments later with a full glass, which he handed over quickly.

Nearby, Nat was trying to get Zach, who was acting very oddly, to calm down.

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