Subject: On the dance floor...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 20:20:00 UTC

Nat was actually having quite a good time. It had been quite a while since she'd dragged anyone out to dance- nearly two years, in fact... but she wasn't going to go there now. Notgoingnotgoingnotgoing... Not. Going.

She took a deep breath, blinked hard, and grinned at Zach. "Oi, we're leaving Cass out." She grabbed her partner's hand and dragged her in to make a kind-of circle.

Cassie glanced at Zach, offered him a sheepish smile and took his free hand. A few moments later she was jumping around more or less in time with the beat of the music, singing along and grinning.

Next to her, Nat was doing the same, though her grin seemed just a little forced.

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