Subject: The three residents of RC #10...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 05:37:00 UTC

looked around sheepishly.

Kelvin attempted to hide behind Nat when the Ork grunted at him, but this move didn't work very well, as he still had several inches on her in height.

Nat turned to Sara and Marcus, looking slightly shamefaced. "I guess it's just leftover from the last mission, it was a bastard and we spent half of it trying to restrain her. Sorry about that." She ran one hand through her hair and eyed the chocolate Sara was waving. "Thanks, but I'm not a big fan of mint. I'm Nat, by the way." This last comment was to all three. She nudged Kelvin slightly and gave him a glance that said clearly, "For Eru's sake, just talk to them, they won't bite."

He edged from behind her, trying to make it look casual, and nodded at them faux-confidently. "I'm Celeb- Kelvin, sorry. I'm new here, so I don't know many people. Cassie introduced me to, um, Georgia and Kumori a while back, but-" He looked over at Cassie, but she was currently facing the opposite direction to them and trying to stop her face from going redder.

"Anyway," Nat cut in, "who are you lot, then?"

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