Subject: Marcus let go of Sara once she was back on her feet...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 05:21:00 UTC

and stepped back to give her some room to move. When Nat rounded on Cassie, Marcus found himself sighing, advising the tall woman to be careful lest she knock Cassie out again. Unlike his Ork partner, he didn't find the random display of violence appropriate, or even amusing, actually quite pointless. As if purely to provide a contrast, the Elf agent with them glanced curiously at Zodfang, who immediately grunted threateningly at the Elf as if saying "what, you wanna fight?". Regardless, when Sara spoke, Marcus nodded in agreement, though a bit red as Cassie started to realise what she had done.

"There's really no reason to hit her, you know. Unless you just enjoy smacking people around. I mean, really, this is a party, it's natural people will get a bit tipsy, and it's not like she did anything serious. There's no reason for anyone to be fighting in here, we do that enough on missions!" Marcus paused to chuckle a little, then continued. "Let's just take it easy for once, okay? Actually, I don't think I even know who either you or the Elf are, mind an introduction since we've already seemed to have gotten off on a bad start? Name's Marcus."

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