Subject: "Urk!"
Posted on: 2008-12-26 22:39:00 UTC

Marcus had been minding his own business, thirst mostly satisfied and drink in hand, moving through the party while occasionally dancing or otherwise enjoying himself, though he focused more on getting back to where he'd left Kumori and Kelvin than much else.

Of course, when someone came out of bloody nowhere and smashed into him, knocking him over and landing on top of him, it sort of dampened his mood. If he'd been prepared he might've been able to avoid being knocked to the floor with the other person. However, he'd been taken by surprise, causing him to fall to the floor and the drink to go flying out of his hand, landing on the floor a short distance away and spilling its contents.

That was the third time all party he'd been knocked into and/or bowled over, and once he regained his bearings (though failing to recognise the Agent on top of him) he found his hands clenching into fists.

"I dunno who the hell you are," he said to the Agent, a threatening edge to his voice. "But you have exactly three seconds to get off me, before I kick your arse so badly you'll be in Medical for a month!"

If he'd been thinking a little more clearly, he would've realised this reaction might not have been entirely reasonable, but he wasn't thinking clearly. Instead, all he could think of was that if this person didn't let him up he was going to headbutt them until their teeth fell out. He'd simply had enough of random people knocking him around, whatever he'd said about fighting at the party earlier be damned.

Besides, this guy made me spill my drink.

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