Subject: Marcus was clearly starting to enjoy the party, making...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 07:30:00 UTC

...his way through the crowd, dancing with a few people and exchanging idle banter with others, especially old friends (and one or two former partners) who he ran into. Once he had given himself time to unwind, he was really starting to enjoy himself, though unlike many others in the room he hadn't sampled any holiday "spirit", having had a strong distaste for alcohol ever since he ended up rat-arse drunk on the floor of HQ and drafted in as an Agent. He was having fun, though, and he supposed that was what mattered.

He hadn't known Kelvin was following him, though, so the Elf's voice grabbed his attention as he continued to walk, trying to focus on not plowing through people while answering the nervous Elf's rapid-fire questions.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I did. It's just that the PPC has a tendency to drive its Agents batshit crazy after a while, y'know? Some dangerously so, but we usually put them in FicPsych or just kick 'em out. Um...that's pretty much what they do say, mostly the 'all PPCers are nuts' thing and that HQ and Upstairs are out to get us. It's not that bad, really, eventually you even get used to having to kill Sues all the time."

He kept walking after saying this, drawing his attention away from Kelvin for a second, but seemed to remember something and thought better of it. "Oh, and sorry about Zodfang. He's an Ork, they're all like that, and I don't think he can really help it. It's what happens when you put someone from Warha-oh, sorry!"

He had been cut off, and then apologised, because just as he had started to finish explaining Zodfang's situation, he ran straight into agent Kumori, staggering back and shaking his head after firing off an apology. The agent he ran into didn't seem to be in any bad shape from it, but he thought he should say something.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention. You're all right, I'd assume?"

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