Subject: Cassie spoke up, still rather pink.
Posted on: 2008-12-27 00:15:00 UTC

"He kind of started it, really. We were just having a bit of a laugh, but I think his drink got spiked with something. He started acting a bit odd." She shrugged. "Then he legged it."

She was about to say more, but at that moment the main doors were thrown open and several Agents, all in black with no flashpatches, entered, a businesslike air about them. They made straight for the small group. Cassie gulped as the Agent at the head of the group grabbed her shoulder. "Agent Young, you are coming with us. No, you do not have a choice."

As she was surrounded and handcuffed, Nat butted in. "Oi! What's this about?"

A rather shorter, stockier woman turned and looked up at her. "This is about your partner's little escapade during your last mission. Just be thankful you're not under arrest yourself, Agent Freidar. Or your other partner. Now, if you'll excuse us."

Cassie was led away, but Nat wasn't giving up that easily. She grabbed Kelvin and followed, casting a hasty, "Sorry about this, guys, see you later," over her shoulder.

The handful of DIA Agents who had remained behind began to shoo the partying Agents out of the room. "All right, the party's over now. Everyone back to your RCs."

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