Subject: At this point, someone bulled through the crowd...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 03:07:00 UTC

Someone fairly tall and skinny, but with enough muscle to shove nearly everyone else out of her way. She brushed past Marcus and Sara, heading straight for Cassie, who was kissing the obviously bewildered Kelvin with more enthusiasm than she'd had at any other time this party.

Kelvin had no idea what to do. It hadn't been his idea, he would swear to that. And Cassie had come at him, he had no idea she was going to kiss him. But it was a tradition, she'd said so, and it wasn't polite to shove someone away, and it wasn't exactly unpleasant... but oh dear Eru Nat was coming towards them and she looked like she was about to rip someone apart. He hoped fervently it wasn't him.

Cassie had no idea what happened. One moment she was enjoying herself with a quick Christmas kiss (that had lasted well over twenty seconds already, but she had lost all time sense by now) and the next there was a sharp pain in her hair -her hair? - and she was lying on her back on the floor with Nat glaring down at her.

"All right, pal." The Welsh girl's voice was dangerously low. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

Sitting up with all the drunken dignity she could muster, Cassie replied, "I was jus' show'n him 'bout kissing un'er the mistl-"

"Scaring the poor lad to death is what you were doing!" Nat hissed. "Just look at him!"

Cassie obediently tried to focus, but the alcohol caught up with her eyesight, and a moment later, her consciousness. She promptly passed out.

Nat threw up her hands in disgust. "Brillant. Anyone got any Purple Stuff?"

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