Subject: Georgia made her escape as Kumori was distracted.
Posted on: 2008-12-26 07:39:00 UTC

The green haired woman spun around to glare at the man who'd bumped into her. "Watch where you're going!" She was fine, of course, and the stranger did seem appropriately apologetic but it was the principle of the thing. People who bumped into her got told off, no excuses. Her glare softened when she noticed the elf behind Marcus. "Oh, hello, Kelvin. You lose the girls, then?"

Georgia had long since taken advantage of this distraction and sprinted away from her older partner, determined to lose her in the crowd. If she was extermely lucky, Kelvin and Marcus would be enough of a distraction that Kumori would forget about her and her inebriation for at least another half hour.

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