Subject: Being rather less embarrassed than the other two...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 07:29:00 UTC

Nat stepped forwards. "Hello. I'm Nat. Cassie apologises for her behaviour earlier. She was very drunk, but she's sobered up now."

Cassie nodded, face flaming again. She stepped up to join Nat. "So... er... wanna dance? With both of us, I mean, not just me, I don't wanna get you on your own... oh God, I didn't mean it like that, I'm sure you're really nice, really, but I didn't mean to do that earlier, you were just in the right place at the right time, dammit I didn't mean that like that-" Nat cut her babbling off by covering her mouth gently.

"Sorry," she said to Zach. "As you can see, she's feeling a bit silly about what happened. Dance?" She tugged him towards the dance floor. Cassie trailed behind, feeling like a prize idiot.

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