Subject: Marcus brushed himself off when Cassie helped him up, albeit
Posted on: 2008-12-26 23:49:00 UTC

stepping back just out of reflex when she ended up putting her face way too close to his. That was partly due to her startling him a little, and partly due to not being inclined to deal with being accidentally headbutted or whatever. When Kelvin showed up with a glass he took it gratefully, nodding in appreciation before quickly downing all the contents.

"Eh," he said in response to Zach's apology, seemingly not actually caring that much. "I'm just getting a bit sick of random people trying to knock me over. Why were they poking you to begin with? And who are you, anyway?"

Even though he seemed a bit short when speaking, Marcus' tone carried an amount of humour, as if amused by Zach's plight. He couldn't help but remember being in the other agent's shoes a good few times back in university so long ago.

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