Subject: "Zodfang. He's my partner, for better or worse."
Posted on: 2008-12-26 06:56:00 UTC

Knowing Zodfang would probably launch into some hot-blooded boasting session at the slightest prompt, Marcus chose to answer Sara before the Ork could, ignoring Zodfang's disgruntled scowl. Of course, that was for naught as the Ork spoke anyway.

"Dat's right, ya grots! I'm Zodfang, da biggest an' baddest Ag-"

"Yeah, yeah, we get it. Nice to meet you all, now that we're not beating each other senseless." Marcus cut the Ork off sharply, but in a way that seemed more out of jest than malice. Before either of them could say something else, Sara laughed, said that they should party, and grabbed Cassie and Nat, running off into the throng of other agents.

This just left Kelvin with Marcus and Zodfang, who looked awfully tempted to reach over and throttle the Elf.

"'E doesn't look 'ard 'nuff to be an Agent..." Zodfang mused, only for Marcus to roll his eyes in response.

"Leave the man alone, Zodfang. He's probably a rookie. Come on, let's go enjoy the party." Marcus said, but looking to Kelvin for a second before turning around to join the other partygoers. "Don't let this place break you, it's not as bad as they all say."

With that, he walked off, though Zodfang feinted at Kelvin for a second before laughing in his face and going off to bother somebody else.

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