Subject: She looked up at them woozily...
Posted on: 2008-12-26 00:38:00 UTC

and giggled, Luxury already forgotten. "Me? 'm fine, 'm fine." She grabbed both of their hands and, after some false attempts, managed to get upright. She grinned at them both and waved absently to someone else nearby.

"Thanks. I 'ppreciate it. Havin' a good time. 's Chris'mas, aft'r all. Go' to 'ave a goodtime at Chris'mas." She giggled again. "Be'er 'n las' year. Oh, there's Kelvin! Oi! Kel!" She waved to the Elf, who looked rather alarmed and edged away.

"Woss he on? Mus' not've heard me. I'll go catch 'im, then." Another smile, and a bear hug for both Marcus and Sara, and she stumbled off towards her new partner with yet another, "Merry Chris'mas!"

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