Subject: The door was suddenly knocked open...
Posted on: 2008-12-25 21:53:00 UTC

Zodfang, having decided to make his entrance with a mighty kick to the door, subsequently made his entrance as if he were a conquering king, confidently looking around as he strolled in, a wild grin baring his teeth.

"OI, 'OOMIES! DIS A PARTY OR WOT?!" he shouted, before immediately setting course for the food and drink tables.

Deciding to be a bit less conspicuous (and obnoxious) than his partner, Marcus simply walked into the room, closing the door behind him. A couple minutes after they had gotten back from that absurd double-mission and sent the report, the console had beeped again. Zodfang had been about to smash the damn thing, until they'd seen that it wasn't a mission. Instead, it was an invitation from Ansela Jonla, to a Christmas party. Agent Ansela had joined sometime during Marcus' suspension, but they'd both heard of her at least somewhat. It helped that she had a reputation, especially for supposedly keeping a second Armoury behind closed doors. Marcus hadn't been too keen on going, mostly due to the mission putting him in a sour mood. However, while Zodfang had no concept of Christmas, he did have a concept of wild partying, and practically dragged Marcus out of the RC. Being even less keen on having his arms ripped off than going to the party, he elected to simply go along with the eerily-jovial Ork.

Besides, the veteran agent thought. It's Christmas, I might as well have some fun.

That was what found him walking after his partner in the middle of a throng of Agents, all partying and enjoying themselves. There were some familiar faces, but a lot of them were people he didn't recognise. So many had died, retired, or been recruited in his year of absence that it wasn't surprising that he didn't know too many people he really noticed, but still somewhat saddening. Not that he'd let that ruin his mood.

"Yo, Marcus!"

The voice caught his attention, causing him to look to his left where a peculiar-looking Agent stood. He was a young man with long black hair, wearing wire framed glasses on his boyish face. There was a bit of black to his uniform, but most of it (including the hood) was red and yellow. Marcus couldn't help the small smile that appeared on his face; this was an Agent he did remember, and one that'd always amused him at that.

"Hello, agent Kalmer."

"Didn't think you were the type to go f'r these, man!" Kalmer laughed, clearly a bit tipsy. He'd always been strangely cheerful for someone who worked in the DAVD.

"Well, I am, sometimes. Why not? Figured, might as well have some fun if they chose Christmas to put me back in," Marcus replied, shrugging a little. "Anyway, I'll just go mingle, might get a drink. See you later, Kalmer, we oughta catch up with each other sometime, anyway."

"No w...worr...what'stheword? Worr...worries! Thassit! No worries, Marcus, sees ya!"

Stifling a laugh, Marcus left the drunk Agent to his own devices, seeing who he could run into. Besides, he had to keep Zodfang from hurting somebody.

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