Subject: "Merry Christ-MMFH!"
Posted on: 2008-12-25 22:43:00 UTC

Marcus, somehow, didn't see the mistletoe that seemed to appear over his head, focusing too much on the conversation he was having with Cassie. She'd apparently been recruited just before the Sue invasion, explaining why he hadn't met her before. She smiled and looked up, but just as he'd started to look to see what she saw, Cassie drunkenly said "Merry Christmas" to him and promptly pressed her lips to his in a kiss that caught him off guard before he could reply.

Taken aback for a second, Marcus couldn't decide whether to run away or go with the flow. Two different mindsets were grappling for his decision, especially the consideration of just how much older than Cassie he probably was. Still, after a couple seconds he relaxed and returned the kiss, moving his body closer to hers.

Don't most people find a room for this sort of thing? he couldn't help but think.

Meanwhile, at one of the snack tables, Zodfang looked up from the prodigious amount of food and drink he was wolfing down to see his partner in the crowd, a mistletoe over his head and kissing some random female Agent. His shoulders shook with the suppressed laughter as his attention turned to an Agent at his side and the grog in his cup. 'Oomies could be so strange.

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