Subject: Agents Cassie and Nat arrived with someone new...
Posted on: 2008-12-25 12:15:00 UTC

...a youngish-looking man with slightly pointed ears and long dark hair.

"Heya!" Cassie yelled, bouncing over to Ansela cheerfully and producing a very large amount of chocolate. "Merry Christmas! Isn't this great? How are you?" Without waiting for a reply she dashed off to greet everyone else.

Nat strolled over with the stranger. "Sorry about her, she's had about half that supply of chocolate already. This is Kelvin, by the way." The Elf nodded, smiling uncertainly. "He's our new partner. Cassie's been trying to explain to him about Chritmas, but I think she just got him more confused."

Kelvin nodded. "Hopefully someone will be able to explain it to me before the end of the day." He smiled again, looking around. "So, now what?"

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