Subject: Well, there have been a few things.
Posted on: 2016-12-10 15:10:19 UTC

Larkus: My rank was a big one for me. My author had a reallly hard time deciding between Detective and Officer. It's a pretty big difference in responsibility and it took him months to stop switching back and forth.

I also had a few changes to how well I knew the Jedi, which was pretty important since it played into how I found the PPC. Plus some reworking of what my job was like during the Clone Wars, which was also pretty important given that it was my entire career.

Other than than that, though, it was pretty smooth flying. Except for the fact that he still hasn't decided which canon I'm from, but that'll be settled someday soon. I hope...

Curff: As for myself, I am a much older character concept so I had far fewer changes. Merely a few tweaks to my magical abilities to keep me relatively in line with the rest of the DMS (under normal circumstances a sorcerer from my universe would be more fit for ESAS), some minor shifts in personality (I am somewhat less brusque and sarcastic than I once was), and one or two edits to my backstory.

Beyond that, I remain much the same as I was when I was first selected as a potential agent for my author. Likely because we are not so much under development as we are on hold.

Larkus: Yep. We're pretty close to finished, but our author wants to get in some more first hand canon knowledge about the CSF before finishing up my backstory.

Curff: And he is still not entirely satified with my powers. Which is of course ridiculous, my powers are fine as they are.

Larkus: So then, hope that answers your question.

Curff: and if you are willing, perhaps your own agents would be interested in answering it?

((OOC: Sorry this took me so long. I am a master procrastinator and the last week has been special proof of that.))

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