Subject: Oh, we do many things.
Posted on: 2016-11-27 16:19:56 UTC

And I'll pass on your recommendation, by the way.

Anyway. I believe we have an official description of everyone's roles floating around somewhere? Rest assured that we do actually do our jobs; I'm guessing those are the meeting logs that the Notary's taken charge of, while you've found your way into the ones that the rest of us keep around to roll our eyes at or use as proof that the others are idiots who can't stay focused.

(But yes, to be honest, it is sometimes a little bit more of a "hobby club". There aren't always important matters to be dealt with, so we do get a number of meetings where the main issues raised are about paperwork (the Notary) or restocking the bar (usually Morgan, though this one time it was Fish). The Notary, of course, will tell you that the paperwork is equally as important as the other stuff, but seriously, if she does come talk to you, I recommend making your excuses before she gives you the four hour speech on the beauty and function of the bureaucratic system. I wanted to be a politician when I was younger, but I think even my first self would've had trouble listening to that.)


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