Subject: A reply to your question.
Posted on: 2016-11-27 02:41:38 UTC

Before I properly answer your question, I must announce that my reply will contain spoilers for both Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole. Gremlin informed me that this was proper etiquette for discussing sensitive manners of canon. I questioned whether this warranted a spoiler warning as Dream Drop Distance was released in 2012, but ultimately went along with her suggestion.

Now, for your question.

According to Dream Drop Distance, Nobodies have always had the ability to develop their own hearts over time. That fact, however, was hidden by Xehanort so that the original members of Organization XIII would feel unbound by morality. This in turn would better enable Xehanort to take over their bodies with copies of his own heart. While this development would seem—

Gremlin has just told me I am getting too far away from the question. My apologies.

Ever since I was made aware of this canonical development, I have come to realize that I have indeed developed a heart—or at very least, a very good semblance of one. My connections with Aiden, Gremlin, and other close friends have aided in this process. The main reason I cannot say for certain is that my origin as a badfic character may muddy the scientific waters, as it were.

I also cannot say for certain, in part, because a certain someone has not written that particular story yet.

((I'm working on it, all right? There's still more character building stuff I'm working on. And get away from the fourth wall!))

I hope that you find this answer to be to your satisfaction.


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