Subject: Michael: That's an interesting question...
Posted on: 2016-11-25 03:43:44 UTC

If you're talking about the closest to death I've ever been, well, it was probably when we faced that Firebender!Sue. She incinerated my partner, and for a moment, I was afraid she would kill me before he had a chance to regenerate. Fortunately, he did, and we managed to dispatch her quite easily as she stood there and stared at him. However, for me, it was far more terrifying when a Sue invaded my life and came close to wiping out my entire self, and the selves of the others I was working with at the time. I only escaped by a plot hole created by a combination of Canonquakes and the presence of the Sue.

Apecian: Well, I don't really have any close calls, you know? I mean, we don't usually throw things in space, or in a volcano, or anything, and Sues don't usually like being there in our fandoms, so it's a pretty cushy job for me. Closest, then, is probably... I'd say when the guy who made me tried to kill me. Didn't really get many lives off of me, though, and I just ran out the door. He couldn't even use flame alchemy, so when I started speeding up, didn't have a chance of catching me. Did manage to cut at least half a dozen lives off of me before I got away, though, so, kudos to him.

Michael: Of course, my experience with death is only hypothetical, as we are only hypothetical agents. If or when we should become official, you should see our records for my true closest brush with death, and to see if Apecian's answer is changed.

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