Subject: Mailbox RP, anybody?
Posted on: 2016-11-25 03:12:26 UTC

While we're all hoping our fellow Boarders don't get trampled in the rush for Black Friday shopping, why don't we take our minds off the madness by provoking it in our lovely agents? Plus, it's a good test for our mettle, to see if we can pay attention to two threads at once. I think we can do it, my dear friends. Please, prove me and my opinions of us right.


Wait, what? Where did that come from? Is Das Sporking suddenly tracking me? ... Oh, whatever. Anyways, with permission from our Most Glorious Mailman (A.K.A. SeaTurtle) and Most Amazing DM (A.K.A. Storme Hawk), I'll kick this thing off. Now, for a bit of a refresher on the rules, or the rules for the first time for anybody, read the following:

This is an AU game in which we get to have a Q&A session with some of our favourite PPC agents. As such, it is strictly non-canon for all participants due to the fact that, well, World One authors are having their questions answered by the agents themselves.

The format will be as follows:

Other Board / T-Board setup post

>BoarderName1's Agents' Mailbox

>>Question(s) for BN1's Agent1

>>>Answer(s) to the above

>>Question(s) for BN1's Agent2 and Agent3

>>>Answer(s) to the above

>>Another question for BN1's Agent1

>>>Answer to the above

>BoarderName2's Agents' Mailbox

>>Question(s) for BN2's Agent 2

Ah, yes. Thank you again, SeaTurtle, for providing me with the link I have just used to crib from you.


Oh, come on! Do you really need to do the counts?


Well, then, I'll just quit here and set up my mailbox. Yeesh.

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