Subject: Dee- they've got a question for you.
Posted on: 2016-11-26 19:34:22 UTC

Dee, seriously. Stop reading over my shoulder, and type your own damn answers.

Alright, fine. I don't see what they're so bothered about me for, anyway. This is ridiculous. I mean, did you have to pretend it was a mailbox? It's. . . demeaning.

Yes, I'm answering! As an idiot once said, "stop reading over my shoulder." Look, I don't give two hoots about the other Time Lords in the PPC. There's some comaradarie amongst the Time War vets, sure, and the shared Time Lord history, maybe an understanding of what we've fought for, and what we've lost. But, frankly I don't care what species you are. A moron is a moron, no matter how many hearts they have. That brings up whole other questions about extra oxygen available to the brain thanks to the added blood flow from a second heart, but that's. . . for another time.

Right now, suffice it to say, I don't care.

Until they give me a reason they should, they're like any other agent to me.


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