Subject: Some responses for you!
Posted on: 2016-12-06 03:05:05 UTC

Laura Dukes

First off, thanks for bringing up the whole 'bearing its kids' thing. James will never let me hear the end of that one now. But anyway, Mass Effect. Mass Effect is awesome for many reasons: the combat, the setting, the mere existence of Garrus Vakarian. I wasn't huge on RPGs beforehand, but this convinced me something hard. If your stuff can run the games, then pick them up. The first one can be a little rough play-wise, and the third game is always going to be mocked for that original ending, but I would still recommend it regardless.

Danny Richardson

There are times I do miss it, I will admit. But those times are fairly rare nowadays. I'm happy where I am: teaching future agents, both what to do and what not to do. I feel it's more my strength than running around strange worlds trying to kill powerful abominations.

I do still exchange messages with Xericka. As for Laura… we don't speak anymore. I'm not really comfortable going over why.

((OOC: Sorry this took so long! I forgot about the post for a few days.))

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