Subject: The Multiverse Monitor?
Posted on: 2016-11-25 20:24:39 UTC

I believe I have heard of you. You are HQ's magazine, or so I am told. Well, please allow me to dispel any misconceptions anybody has about this situation.

When I saw Miss Knight in Rudi's, I saw in her some resemblance to a character, although I could not recall who. Upon later investigation, by which I mean returning to my Response Center and refreshing my memory by continuing my game of Fire Emblem, I realized she bears a striking resemblance to Sumia, a character in Fire Emblem: Awakening. I do not know why this is the case, but it would be rude of me to ask- something you should take to heart. I later returned to Rudi's, and I have since found Miss Knight a pleasant conversationalist. That is all. Now, if you do not mind, please do not ask me any further questions.

Apecian: And who is it who told you this stuff? 'Cause I haven't noticed anybody snooping around Rudi's whenever I was there... um... at least I hope nobody was...

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