Subject: Printworthy replies.
Posted on: 2016-11-25 19:27:25 UTC

If I could be another kind of pony? Fascinating. I would have to say an earth pony. The raw, robust strength they possess would be of great use, especially in my current line of work. Also, if I am wholly honest, the concept of earth pony magic fascinates me. I never was a student of the arcane, yet I always found the topic of earth pony magic severely undervalued as an academic study. Their connection to the earth is known, but not understood. What is an earth ponies limits? What range of magic can manifest itself in the humble earth pony? All burning questions in my head that we have no answer to.

So, in conclusion, if I were to be another breed of pony, I would be an earth pony. Humble, and yet, an enigma.

Yours Truly, Printworthy

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