Subject: Apecian: Oh! That's easy.
Posted on: 2016-12-01 05:57:36 UTC

Mike, can I use that one that was really fun?

Michael: Yes, I believe that it shall not be too inappropriate.

Apecian: Great! The answer is... Incubus kiss! A succubus tried it too, but what can I say? He was hotter. ;) You'd think somebody trying to suck your soul out would hurt, but when you've got as much Galinergy* as I do, it's really not bad. Kind of fun, actually, and besides, the kisses aren't supposed to hurt, otherwise you'd fight it. But that's kind of a gimme, isn't it? Alright... hmm... Well, drowning and suffocating suck, so don't try those, really. Mmm... getting stabbed really hurts, and forget hitting the ground at terminal velocity. It hurts, it gets everywhere, and sometimes it annoys sentient flowers by getting your intestines on their hats. I'd say... mmm... sometimes, when I get shot, it's so fast I don't even feel it, so that's not bad, and once, I got poisoned with something that was basically the same way. Mmm... yeah, gonna have to go with getting shot, but they've got to really know what they're doing and hit you just right for that.

*Energy added to his Philosopher's Stone by consuming what Sues have in place of actual souls, pronounced Glinergy.

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