Subject: "Well..." Levy began.
Posted on: 2016-11-25 17:19:33 UTC

"As a general rule, in badfics, it usually takes a paragraph for our skills to charge a single point, but given the difference in our skill's cool down times the time it takes is usually."

"My own skill, Double Attack Stance-Wt, is maxed, meaning that it takes about 8 paragraphs to become active," Ajax said. "I have two Skill Boost awakenings (Think of them as passive abilities), so it cuts 2 turns off the charge timer at the start of missions."

"The Sacred Blue Chains, which is mine, is Level 3, so it takes 11 paragraphs for it to charge," Levy added. "I have a single Skill Boost awakening, so I start missions with 10 turns left on the timer."

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