Subject: The other Time Lords?
Posted on: 2016-11-27 16:35:03 UTC

Er...I mean, I love Emiranlanoamar like a brother, the Librarian's been a close friend since about a year before I even met Emiranlanoamar (er, you might know him better as the Guardsman), Fish--the Fisherman--is fun, the Notary can be strangely compelling when she isn't trying her best to bore us all all to death, Morgan We get along well enough.

I don't know this Detective too well yet, though I've so far got the impression he'd prefer not to have much to do with me. The Agent and the Disentangler are nice people; pretty interesting, very old, and nice enough to hang out with; I should probably do that more. Er...

Well. The Aviator is...complicated. We're still rebuilding, somewhat, and I don't know if we'll ever be as close as we were--probably not in our current regenerations, anyway, we're too shaped by our losses and sins right now--but we're on good enough terms even if it does sometimes turn awkward. And that's all you need to know on that front. Actually, it's more than you need to know.

If I've missed anyone who's currently an active agent of some sort--sorry. Let me know, and I'll, er, give my opinion of you.


As for your second question...well, what springs to mind--apart from my home city not existing in non-Expanded Universe canon--is that both birth and Looming were available on my Gallifrey. I was born; my favourite professor and many of my classmates at the Academy were Loomed. It made for some odd-looking classes at first, but it was hardly a difficult adjustment, and it really was very good for providing options--though there were certainly arguments about which was the better way of reproducing. Don't ask for my opinion; I never had a strong one, and I currently have no plans to have a baby.


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