Subject: And we have answers!
Posted on: 2016-11-28 05:20:18 UTC

Reader: "Er, no. I'd be a terrible choice. You should try Emiranlanoamar; he's a good teacher, and he knows what he's talking about far better than I do."

Dawn: "Oh, that's easy. The best use of fire is in a flamethrower; the function of a rubber duck is to tell lies, float in bathtubs, and confuse wizards; and my best moment as an Hmm. I've actually had a lot of those, now that I'm thinking about it...uh, this one time I made three Sues disappear in a giant Puff of Logic, and that felt pretty awesome because I hadn't been an Assassin for too long by that point. And...seeing Lothlorien. That was a spectacular moment. Still is, actually--that place never gets less beautiful, except when it's been Sued...yeah, come to think of it, another of my favorite moments as an agent was the first time I killed a Sue in Lorien and got to watch the place blaze back into its proper glory all around me..." trails off, looking dreamy

Jacques: "Oh, believe me, Lux and I have known each other for a while. I'd repeat some of the stuff we've done, but I've got it on good authority that most of HQ doesn't want to know...anyway. We're friends, have been for quite a while now--and, believe me, we have fun." winks

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