Subject: My favorite?
Posted on: 2016-11-26 01:14:48 UTC

That's a difficult question. I can't think of any instrument I've heard or played that I dislike. In the right set of hands, true music can be wrung from just about anything.

For sheer versatility, though, I think I have to give it to the guitar. Passion, melancholy, rage, joy—it's all there in the strings if you know how to draw it out. Particularly if you consider the guitar's fantastic electric cousin. Now, that's something I'd like to get my hands on someday.

However, the instrument I'd most like to learn is the piano. They no longer existed on Pern in my time. What an expressive sound, though! I don't think you Terrans properly appreciate what you've got, judging by how often you squander it on repetitive, percussive chords in your modern music.

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