Subject: Yocherry had his laser rifle in hand.
Posted on: 2016-11-25 05:46:50 UTC

'Dude, uh, is that, um, necessary?' Maz asked.

'You'd be surprised, boss,' Yocherry replied, flicking a series of switches across the side of the weapon. He held some kind of slide-mechanism along its barrel, and pulled it. It ran down with harsh clacking noises, and the gun purred to life with an electric hum.

'Don't got the grenades this time. Sorry, boss.'

'Grenades?' Maz said, feeling slightly left out of the loop.

Yocherry shook his head mournfully.


He punched a button on his console. His grip on the gun tightened.

'Let's see what we got, boss.'

  • Maz and Yocherry are (arguably) up for questions! Let's hope we don't break them. That includes the console, by the way.

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