Subject: Do I have to answer this?
Posted on: 2016-11-28 01:50:30 UTC

Fine. It's not like this is canon anyways.

In the purely theoretical scenario that I am noticed and that someone finds me attractive and that I somehow manage to find the courage to talk to her and she is still interested in knowing more about me after I open my mouth and that I don't chicken out...

I'd like to have a nice, quiet dinner with my theoretical date. No restaurants— I don't have the money for that. Instead, I'd cook something for her and we'd share supper. Something home-made and personal. It's nicer that way, isn't it? Something that I would make with my hands and offer to someone. Afterwards, if she'd be up for it, I'd like to take her for a walk in the evening. I know a wonderful part of my home city that is by the water and it's so very nice at sunset. We'd walk until the sun goes down and then some and then I'd drive her back to wherever she lives and end the evening like that. Maybe she'd like to watch a movie— I'd be okay with that. I would like to imagine myself open to suggestions on what she wants to do too— after all, a relationship is a two-way street, right?

It's stupid, it's delusional, it's massively cliché, it's probably not how this works in real life. I've only got books and TV shows to work out how this business works— heck, the nicest thing that has ever been said to me in a romantic context goes along the lines that I'll have to bioengineer a new species because nobody in their right mind would want to live their life with me.

But one can hope. And heaven knows that hope is a terrible thing.

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