Subject: What bugs us most?
Posted on: 2016-11-26 03:16:03 UTC

You go first, Yinz'r. I'll be over here while you do your complaining.

Sigh What does my partner do to get under my scales, specifically? I suppose it's the way he thinks he can tell me exactly what to do and how to do it, when he's never been the one to kill a Sue. He can't even use a dagger properly.

I heard that!

Fine, your turn, Jacob.

(Sound of the microphone being dropped)

Dang it, that's probably expensive, Yinz'r! Right. What irritates me the most about Yinz'r? He's careless. He has no respect for the rules, and won't listen to me when I call him out on it. Plus, the glowing eyes make sleep even harder to get than normal.

Hey, it's true!

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