Subject: Backslash rubbed the back of his hair. "Well..."
Posted on: 2016-01-27 03:48:04 UTC

" can always use that item when you're in human disguise on a mission!"

"What is that item, anyway?" asked Rayner. "I can't tell..."

Lapis gasped. "It's a Tough Glove!"

"A what?" asked E.V.L.

"That's right, a Tough Glove from Undertale!" said Backslash. "It provides +5 Attack, and your Attack will increase even further if you use up a Punch Card while wearing it!" He glanced at Lapis uncomfortably, rubbing his arm in spite of himself. "How did you know, anyway?"

Lapis side-eyed him warily, but replied anyway. "I have that game on Steam! It's amazing, and I'd highly recommend giving it a try if you have the time."

"I've seen a Let's Play of it, actually, including both the Neutral and Pacifist runs! I still need to play the game itself, though."

"Looks like Backslash and I are not the only ones who are filled with determination," Whitney laughed, before addressing the crowd at large. "We got that glove from a mission into that continuum a while ago. Sans/OC shipping... 'boners' and all."

"You do not want to know," Backslash added. "Trust me."

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