Subject: ((OT: A list of all the gifts so far))
Posted on: 2016-01-23 16:54:11 UTC

I'll be updating this as the RP goes along. Note to self: do this earlier next time.

Agent and Gift Received

Falchion - R8 revolver - stolen by the Aviator - Parthenon puzzle

Wobbles - Dreamcatcher

Chris - Wii Balance Board

Cupid - Box of memes

Will - Dark Yagami's skull

Violet - Vial of glitter

Lola - Sue Whip - stolen by E.V.L. - stole the Tribble from Zeb

Gaspard - Duck box

Lapis - Stale candy

Rayner - Chocolate eclairs

E.V.L. - Sue Whip stolen from Lola - stolen by Algie - hi-fi speakers and triple album

Ripper - Epic of Gilgamesh

Stephanie - Shark tooth necklace

The Guardsman - Diamond pick

Kala - Suvian laser spanner

Zeb - Tribble - stolen by Lola - Harry Potter books

Miguel - Cocktail recipes and mixer bottles

Backslash - Drawing of Toon Link

Valon - Mini-Omnidroid

VJ - Jack-in-the-box

Ami - Magician's hat

Algie - Sue whip stolen from E.V.L.

Whitney - Quesadilla recipe

Sarah - Viking ale

Doktor Trollenfisch - Tough glove

The Aviator - R8 revolver - stolen from Falchion

Harris -

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