Subject: Chris nudged Miguel, who had been staring at the box of memes. "I think it's your turn."
Posted on: 2016-01-20 17:06:39 UTC

"Bwuh?" Miguel checked his ticket. "So it is. Thanks, Chris." He headed for the stage. Fortunately, since the pile of gifts was much smaller, he could pick a gift from the bottom and not worry about the whole thing collapsing. He opened it carefully... "Oh my God. Please tell me this has virgin recipes in it."

"Wait, what?" his partners asked.

Miguel hung his head and sighed. "We got a book of cocktail recipes and some mixers. A virgin cocktail, if what I read on the Internet is true, is a cocktail without any booze in it. Since I'm fifteen and Chris is technically twelve..."

"I'll have to have them, too," said Violet with a serious expression. "I don't know what other parts of the Sue I used to be stuck around after I got rescued, and I refuse to risk finding out that I'm just as bad as Cupid where booze is concerned." A few rows behind her, a certain someone sneezed twice in a row.

Ami smiled approvingly. "How mature! I'm impressed, Vi!" She created a magical hand for Violet to high-five.

"Common sense isn't the same as maturity," Violet grumbled, but she accepted the high-five anyway.

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