Subject: Valon sauntered over to the dwindling pile of gifts.
Posted on: 2016-01-21 14:23:40 UTC

“Lesseehere…” He started pointing at each of the remaining gifts and singing to himself. “See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools… dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules…

Each apparent beat of the song, he pointed at a different gift. “See how he looks down on us like we’re acting out a show, throw the dice, and let’s see which head will roooooll…” He finished on a shaking box a bit bigger than a basketball. “… a present that’s pre-shaken, how thoughtful!” He popped it open, and found himself staring into the single eye of a five-armed metal ball.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEE! IT’S A MINI! MINIMINIMINI!” Valon hugged the mini-Omnidroid, which seemed to be getting rather dizzy from Valon’s overjoyed spinning dance.

Kala rolled her eyes. “If anyone didn’t see this coming, you really don’t know my husband too well.”

(OOC: The song is “The Game of Life.” Well, more specifically, it’s the English cover, sung by JubyPhonic.)

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