Subject: William nudged VJ, who was attacking the makeshift buffet.
Posted on: 2016-01-23 17:51:48 UTC

"I think it's time for number twenty, luv. That's you, right?"

VJ looked up from her plate of snickerdoodles, and turned towards the stage where not a lot of gifts were left. "Bah!" She handed William the place and a cup of ice cream. "Hold this, please!"

She hopped onto the stage and took a look around. One perfectly cubed package caught her attention. After a quick unwrap, which consisted of basically shredding the wrapping paper into confetti, VJ was holding a very pretty wooden box. It was salmon pink, polished and lacquered, with a matching lid. Just seconds later, the lid popped off and a small, plushie clown on a spring appeared with a loud "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

VJ yelped, dropped the box, and jumped away. She was staring at the wobbling jack-in-a-box, hissing like a cat.

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