Subject: Falchion stared in aww...
Posted on: 2016-01-06 05:43:59 UTC

(OOC: As of today, I will be doing all of my Internet things from Chevy Chase! The road trip there and unpacking all my stuff was the reason I wasn't available to post earlier, so I apologize if you were expecting something sooner. Anyway, I've decided to challenge myself for this Gift Exchange - since I have no less than nine agents participating, I want to see if none of them gets a gift from each other, i.e. each of them gets a gift originally sent in from an agent from another Boarder. With that, let's get started!

As a reminder, the rules for the Gift Exchange can be found here.)

"D'awwww," the Skarmory cooed, stepping forward towards the massive pile and singling out a rather small present.

"Adam, you featherbrain, it's 'awe', not 'aww'!" called Sarah, facepalming with a laugh. "With an 'e'!"

"I know that!" Falchion replied. "I already awed at the pile in general, but I think this little shiny box looks pretty cute! Y'know what, I'm taking it."

Picking the box up in one of his talons, he hopped back to his place in the crowd, pecked it open, and pulled out...

...a gun.

"Oookay, not as cute..."

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