Subject: "So, useful, huh?"
Posted on: 2016-01-07 04:16:20 UTC

"At the risk of tempting the Ironic Overpower, I think I'm keeping this." Falchion fawned over the revolver with a cooing like a Pidove, trying to hold it properly with his talons.

"Falchion, are you sure about this?" asked Lapis, sweat-dropping and soaking her shirt. "I kinda doubt you'll be good with firearms even with an aim that good."

"Hey, I'm turning 23 this year. I'm 100-percent sure."

BLAM! A button-sized hole appeared on the ceiling, making Lapis scream and hide behind Cupid’s wing.

Falchion yelped and put the revolver down. "...99-percent sure."

(OOC: Is it okay if people can start up their turn after the previous player has opened up their gift, without waiting for responses for the previous turn? I think this fast-tracking would help speed up the completion of this RP. Thoughts, guys?)

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