Subject: Valon laughed uproariously, and Kala rolled her eyes.
Posted on: 2016-01-08 16:03:59 UTC

"Yep. Just like my husband to donate one of the weirdest things possible."

The tall agent calmed down just enough to put words together. "Heheheh... yeah, I basically just shoved an MLG compilation in there." What appeared to be a Magnemite, with a baseball cap and a hashtag in place of one of its magnets, escaped from the box and floated around Cupid. "Congratulations, Pitthree, you now have a pet Swagnemite!"

He suddenly noticed someone else in the room, and nudged his wife with a whisper. "Hey, Kala..." He pointed out Lola. "Doesn't she look familiar to you?"

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