Subject: "Alas, my lady, it is not mine to give."
Posted on: 2016-01-13 17:42:04 UTC

"Though far be it from me to get in between a woman of such... singular stature and her quest for a family heirloom. If you care to look to your right, you will see the object of your desires in the possession of a stocky, heavily augmented professional soldier, a leader of men and obliterator of monsters from beyond the dome of Heaven, which I shall presently fetch for you. Now, if you'd be so good as to excuse me?"

This was about as close as Algie ever got to breaking out the effector fields and turning someone into an art installation, but he remained outwardly calm and smiling. He wandered over to where Lola was still... gyrating (poorly, and to music that only really existed in her head), for want of a better phrase, and produced the pamphlet. He then spent a few minutes trying to make Lola see reason, before sighing and having her march over to the ex-Sue and thrust the whip at her, in a rather sulky fashion not quite befitting the Commander's station.

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