Subject: (OOC: Response)
Posted on: 2016-01-07 22:05:07 UTC

(AFAIK, the only similarity I see between Cupid and Algie is their drinking habit, and that is a complete coincidence because I didn't know Algie even existed when I wrote the first few missions with Cupid. The fic I sporked in the mission that led to Cupid’s creation featured Pit getting a nasty drinking habit among other things when the memory sickness affected him. I picked Bleeport as his signature drink because it fit the Greek theme (I don’t recall vodka or whiskey being a thing in the Hellenistic era), but Cupid has never once experimented with it even if he knows the cultivars. I picked Chardonnay because I wanted an expensive wine cultivar, and that was the first to come to my head.

At the interest of distinguishing Cupid’s gift from Algie's, though, I've changed the former to a six-pack of Drinks of the Gods, from Kid Icarus: Uprising. I apologize for the confusion. :C

Also, for all future turns, can participants please reply to the introductory post rather than to the post with the previous turn? This way, it'll be easier for us to keep track of whose turn it is.


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