Subject: "I know that feeling."
Posted on: 2016-01-14 12:57:44 UTC

"I was... technically from Forks, Washington, once upon a time. I felt like I had to apologise for existing, the first few months I was here. Both for my home canon and for my home fic, which was... yeah. Hoo boy, that was a doozy." Wobbles looked quickly at the handkerchief. "Keep it. Please. I got a ton of 'em." And she tugged at her ear and began to produce a string of flags-of-all-nations, enough to wind around her entire arm. "See? Proof. Besides, take it as a sign that you don't have to be alone if you don't want to be."

She smiled, and fought desperately to refrain from giving him another hug. She could see what was wrong with him, but more than that, she could feel it, rolling off him in black waves. Everything he said was hollow and forced, the brittle, self-effacing politeness an act she'd seen a lot of people use during her time in FicPsych. She'd only ever suffered from Suvian depression, but this was quite self-evidently the real deal.

And she was scared for him.

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