Subject: Zeb's ears perked up.
Posted on: 2016-01-20 15:19:07 UTC

"Ooh, is it my turn?" he asked. He checked his number and stood up, going over to the pile. He delicately grabbed a box in his mouth by the ribbon and carried it back to his spot, where he sat, puzzling at how to go about unwrapping it until the Aviator leaned over and pulled the paper off for him. "Thanks," Zeb said, nosing the lid off. He looked inside to see...

A ball of fur.

He tilted his head. "Um..."

The ball of fur purred and his eyes widened." Is that a Tribble?" he asked, backpedaling away from the box.

The Aviator leaned over to see for herself. "Looks like," she said, scooping it out of the box and cuddling it. "Aren't you a cute little thing?"

"Sure, it's cute now," Zeb said, "until you're neck deep in them and they've eaten everyone out of HQ."

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