Subject: "Oh, my turn!" said Lapis...
Posted on: 2016-01-12 21:58:33 UTC

...who stepped in and immediately plucked what looked like a gift-wrapped bag from the pile. Taking it back to her group, she opened it up and...

"...What the heck? I know this isn't as nasty as E.V.L.'s glitter, but who in Unova would wrap up and mail-order a pile of stale candy?"

"Can I eat it? I'm hungry!" Cupid piped up.

Lapis' face turned slightly blue. "No, don't! What if it's turned into something poisonous?!"

Rayner, meanwhile, had stood up as well, and picked another box from the pile. He undid the wrapper, opened it up, and pulled out something much more appetizing: A box of chocolate eclairs.

"I'd give these to you and pick something else, Cupid, but you've already got your gift. Ah well. Chocolate's fine by me."

"Can we share?" asked E.V.L.

"NO. Also, it's your turn."

E.V.L. smiled broadly. "Alright, then. Time to sow the seeds of chaos. Algie, give me that whip."

"But you already have your-" Rayner began-

"Give. Me. The whip."

(OOC: Totally forgot that I was next in line. Derp.

EDIT: Edited twice - Turns out I had the next three turns in a row! Saving Ripper's turn for after the fallout from this post, btw.)

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