Subject: Wobbles bounced up to the stage...
Posted on: 2016-01-07 16:19:11 UTC

Careful, obviously, to avoid the microphone. Or the wires. Or, for that matter, anything that looked even vaguely technological.

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I can't wait! I'm... I'm gonna take this one from up top here!" She leaned up and grabbed the most innocuous looking present she could, promptly disembowelling it in a frenzy of wrapping paper that rained down over the Doktor like confetti. He didn't seem to mind, possibly on account of being as terminally cheerful as Wobbles was herself.

"Oh, wow! It's a... it's a thing! Yup, definitely a thing of some description or another!" She held the dreamcatcher aloft and gave it an experimental prod with her free hand. "Wait a minute, I know what this is! Oooooh, this is definitely going on the ceiliiiiing!"

((OOC: Having had a look at the gift list... er, Skarm, would you care to explain why Algie's gimmick (his fascination with Bleeport has long been a characteristic) that he can't get to remain stable (also a defining characteristic) is currently in possession of someone he's never bloody met? And that's leaving aside the fact that white port is absolutely godawful...))

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