Subject: Curff: Not the most diplomatic question,
Posted on: 2018-07-12 05:17:47 UTC

But then, diplomacy has never been my strong suit, so why not?

I suppose if I were to pick something I truly dislike, it would be summed up in one word: paladin. I can not abide moral busybodies poking about in the affairs of others. If I needed someone bleating in my ear to do my job I'd have stayed home.

However, in fairness to Larkus, he has thus far not unreasonably intruded on my business. For his sake I hope it stays that way.

Larkus: I try to find the good things about people more than the bad, but If you're gonna put me on the spot, I'll say this, he's overdue for an attitude adjustment. He's not the worst company I've had, but I think his powers have gone to his head a touch. Arrogant, you know? I get it, he's a mage, he's older than me, he thinks he knows the ropes, but he's liable to get us both killed if he doesn't learn how to work with a partner soon.

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