Subject: 2018 PPC Mailbox game
Posted on: 2018-07-07 18:18:36 UTC

Since it's been over a month from when this usually happens, I'm going ahead and starting it.

The format is as follows (plagiarized borrowed from previous posts):

Setup post

>BoarderName1's Agents' Mailbox

>>Question(s) for BN1's Agent1

>>>Answer(s) to the above

>>Question(s) for BN1's Agent2 and Agent3

>>>Answer(s) to the above

>>Another question for BN1's Agent1

>>>Answer to the above

>BoarderName2's Agents' Mailbox

>>Question(s) for BN2's Agent 2

And please, if someone requests you don't ask their characters specific questions, respect that.

Go nuts, everyone!

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