Subject: A response.
Posted on: 2018-07-11 10:43:53 UTC

Endor did not contain so many devices made of moving metal parts and surfaces which display information. This unfortunately necessitated the invention of words on our part, although in some cases we have simply borrowed the English term. However, describing them was less strange than learning to use them; for my hands, by then, were more accustomed to grip a blade than a device which even the crafters among the Noldor would not have thought to design. I will not deny their usefulness, but neither can I ignore the lack of grace in their shaping.

Culturally, it has been strange; but how could it not be so, when our kindred here are few and scattered? It is not so dissimilar, however, to some places in Endor, and so, though it is sometimes lonely, it is not unbearably unfamiliar.

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